a s h e r a h
March 17 - April 15, 2017
Anya Tish Gallery
4411 Montrose Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77006
(713) 524-2299
Anya Tish Gallery is pleased to announce Asherah, an exhibition featuring new multi-dimensional
monoprints and large-scale installation by Israel-born, Houston-based artist Orna Feinstein.
Asherah marks Feinstein’s sixth solo exhibition with the gallery, as well as the 20th anniversary
of the artist’s exploration of her iconic tree ring motif.

Asherah is the ancient Canaanite goddess of nature. Her symbol is a sacred tree, and her name
means “grove” in Hebrew. Feinstein’s process-oriented work draws heavily from the inherent
geometry found within nature, most notably trees, and the idea that each tree and its forms are
as unique as the prints she produces. While Feinstein uses traditional printmaking techniques to
generate many aspects of her monoprints, her finished works are anything but conventional.
Combining materials like laser cut and printed paper, fabric, and heat-formed printed Plexiglas,
Feinstein’s works become not only three-dimensional, but so optically activated that they seem to
move on their own. The complex linear and circular patterns created by the fervid layering
produce a Moire effect, providing visual tension between each strata that shifts and pulses as the
viewing angle changes. The dynamism and vibration between foreground and background are
both perceptive and sensory, calling back to traditions of Op Art titans like Bridget Riley and Victor
Vasarely. In addition to her monoprints, Feinstein will exhibit a sweeping installation of printed and
curved sheets of Plexiglas–a forest of towering cylindrical forms that overlay her linear patterns and
circular motifs over and over again.

Orna Feinstein received a BFA from the University of Houston, Summa Cum Laude, in 2008, in
addition to earning a diploma from the Glassell School of Art in 2002. Feinstein has exhibited
throughout the United States and Europe, and her vast body of work has been honored with
multiple museum retrospectives: The Printing Museum, Houston, TX; The Museum of the Southwest,
Midland, TX; Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX; The Geometric and MADI Art Museum, Dallas, TX;
and The Museum of the Southeast, Beaumont, TX. She has been selected four times to exhibit in
the renowned International Print Center New York’s New Prints program, and one of her large-scale
Plexiglas installations was recently exhibited at the prestigious Arte Fiera in Bologna, Italy. Her work
can be found in numerous national and international public collections, among them The
Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Houston, Texas; The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei,
Taiwan; The Printing Museum, Houston, Texas; Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, Skopelos, Greece;
Roennebaeksholm Arts & Culture Centre, Naestved, Denmark; and Venice Printmaking Studio,
Venice, Italy.
William Cannings, Fuschia Tube with Fringe, 2013.
Steel, automotive paint, 20 x 20 x 8 inches.

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Orna Feinstein, Tree Dynamics #144, 2017. Monoprint on archival paper, fabric, printed Plexiglas,
36" x 36".