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by Georgina Callan
Created by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, two people will fit comfortably on this bent
Sassafras wood swing. The ropes are made of stainless steel and covered in high tech
yarn, the type of material associated with Italian firm Paola Lenti. Recommended for
covered spaces with the option of winterizing the materials for better protection.   
There are nine colors to choose from in the Go Collection of porch swings, created
exclusively for Design Within Reach, and depending on the color selected, the
swing may be made from 100% recycled post-consumer or commercial high
density polyethylene. All products are made in the USA.

Oh, say it isn’t too early to start thinking about spending more time outdoors? We’ve barely set sight on
winter, sliding from fall to spring without an icy day or snowfall—but if we’re speaking too soon, and let’s
hope that is not the case, we can still dream of consistently warmer weather that will be here any month

If you live in a modern home, chances are you’ll have selected modern furniture for outside.  You may
have given up on the idea of a swing, if you have a porch or covered outdoor area because the classic
wooden porch swings we think about tend to say cottage or large verandah in design and almost all
are traditional in styling.

Here are some modern porch swings that do the job of maintaining and advancing modern styling.
The founders of Loll Designs, who created the swing, Greg Benson and Jeff Taly, aimed
at revising the classic porch swing by raising the height of the back of the swing and
defining the piece in strong straight lines. The dynamic colors are an invitation to create
an exciting or soothing back yard experience. The fasteners are made of stainless steel
and the cord is made of nylon. Fade resistant, waterproof and maintenance free, the
porch swing is part of a collection of outdoor chairs and settees designed along similar
SwingLab’s modular swing offers moveable backrests and one seat. The company uses
aluminum for the body and sturdy cypress for the wooden seat and back rests.
SwingLab is located in Jackson, Mississippi and each swing ships free within the
Continental USA from their studio. Owner Andy Hilton, a craftsman who created
SwingLab, has a background in making one of a kind, commissioned pieces, and
builds each swing by hand in his studio. The cables to suspend the swing are also
custom made from galvanized steel aircraft cable so measurements are required
before the swing is ordered to be sure the cable is hung at the right height.
Three different design firms, three different designs, each one advancing the idea of the
traditional porch swing. Which do you prefer? Communicate your favorite to us here