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by Georgina Callan

Don’t worry, the title does not indicate the words to a new Adele song.  
But there’s no question that kitchens are “emotional” places. Think about how in literature, and in the
movies, the number of dramatic scenes that have taken place around the kitchen table or at the
kitchen sink, even at the kitchen counter.  It is for this reason that the kitchen, more than any other
room, is known as the heart of the home, or perhaps the location of the latest family drama.
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From “The Intern” with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway

From “Mr and Mrs Smith” with Angelina Joie and Brad Pitt
The Kids Are Alright with Julianne Moore, Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo
“The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law and Kate Winslet

In real life, kitchen designers must concern themselves not only with the design of a
kitchen but managing the space in the room. The number of feet between counter
and cabinetry, if there is sufficient room for counter top seating, if desired, the swing
of a refrigerator door, the placement of handles, appliances, drawers, and upper
and lower cabinets. In the movies, there are no such considerations.

There are architectural considerations, such as the floor plan, ceiling height, access
to the kitchen and the factor in the necessity of ventilation, hvac, plumbing and
sufficient cabinetry. The best kitchens are those when the overall decor of the
kitchen is planned from the outset and not added later.  The most challenging
element to address in a kitchen is “mood”, and how to suggest or imply it by
the choice of materials, countertops, cabinetry and appliances, and placement
of cabinetry.  The selection of these materials goes only part way to expressing
atmosphere. A white kitchen does not need to be a “cold” kitchen, any more
than a stream-lined kitchen suggests a neat personality; this type of kitchen
may be a stage upon which a larger drama will take place.
Kitchen featuring Ann Sacks tile.
In many cases real homes are used as locations for movies, but in others the kitchens are
set designs and we tend not to know or care, as long as the design is interesting.  Looking
at interiors is also great justification for binge-watching Mad Men, Sex and the City and
other series where design plays a secondary, but distinct role.

Interiors of so many movies are exceedingly well designed, from our viewing perspective,
and for that reason we may find ourselves viewing the movie over and over again, if just
to focus on the décor.  First time to follow the plot and enjoy the storyline, the second
time to notate details of the décor.
Even if you are not a lover of the Twilight Saga you may want to check out the Hoke
House by Skylight Architects.
Peaceful or anticipatory, or perhaps both?
Contemporary kitchen from Loop Design, in Austin.

The symbolism of a kitchen, originally a place around a hearth, is different all over the
world. But it is a gathering place, of form and function, and, if possible of great design.
Small, large, sprawling, compact, calming or exciting, dramatic or soothing, a kitchen
is arguably the most memorable spot in the house, long after the occupants have
moved on to other homes, not only for the décor and design but for the social
events that occurred.
Gali Kitchen by Ana Arana
And if you like your kitchen so much that you need to take it with you, consider
the Gali kitchen that takes up just 6 sq feet. It can be taken apart into four
sections for ease of transportation.