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by Georgina Callan

The front door is a classic opportunity to make a great first impression.  It may “say” welcome, or
“go away”. The selection of materials, position of the handles, placement on the house, including
the walkway or porch, all contribute to the overall experience of home, as architects know.
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For a home built in the 1960s, for instance, in a
style reminiscent of a mid-century modern home,
the front door may have undergone significant
changes in both style and color during the 1980s
or 1990s. Restoring the door by changing out the
door hardware, and painting the door may
significantly change the perspective of the
Colorfully painted front doors are a hallmark of mid-century modern homes particularly
aqua, tangerine and citrus yellow or green, and, of course, black.  If the original design
called for natural wood, it is often a good idea to maintain the wood rather than paint
Even if the front door is not street facing, or if the house is entered through a garage,

A front door provide a visual anchor to the home and is a strong indicator of the style of
As important as a front door is how it fits on the front or side of the house. It is difficult to
change a front door and not alter the architecture of a home, one is an integral part
of the other.
Sleek, giant pivot doors suggest luxury, with good reason. They are often expensive but
worth it if a first impression is important and part of the architectural language of the

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