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by Georgina Callan
Then to consider all the trailing vines and shrubs, and the decision to match planter
with plant becomes a design challenge. In an environment of containerized planting,
landscape architects and gardeners of all skill levels have their work cut out for them.
Does the bougainvillea look better in a matching pink or contrasting color container?
Would the delicate colored flowers on a succulent be enhanced by a turquoise or
blue or green container?
Black and white outdoor planters are safe. Almost every plant imaginable looks good in a black or white
planter, so the decision becomes one of shape. Long and rectangular, square and boxy, short and stubby,
oval, perhaps, or round. The shape of the planter will depend on the contents, the type of plant material
that is selected whether that is the sculptural form of a large succulent or soft and lush palm fronds.
A square shape is probably the safest shape. It’s  modern and has added benefit of
suiting most  plants, providing a box, or a stand, from which  the plant performs. Long
narrow rectangular  shapes are well suited to certain plant types, and a round shape
works, especially if the plant it holds provides a contrasting shape.
Sometimes it’s the obvious that’s the best. The simple shape of the “Cup Planter” by
Naoto Fukasawa for Design Within Reach is available in muted shades of blue and

Made from water and fade resistant plastic, these Tango planters by Smart & Green

Camoux planters are available in 16 different colors including matte and glossy
A smaller narrower planter available in
For a retro look, Hip Haven offers a planter on a stand at three heights, 16”, 23”, and