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by Georgina Callan

Small things tend to make certain aspects of life better. If you listen to music, or books on tape,
whether to focus at work, drown out the sounds of your surroundings, work out in a gym, or to
relax or be inspired, chances are you use earphones.

And chances are, that the earphones don’t fit well, unless you have gone to the time and
effort to customize earphones. Our ears are all different shapes and sizes so should it follow
that one size of earphone fits all? You’ll know this first hand if you’ve ever used the earphones
on a domestic or international flight.

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Revols is a technology company currently undergoing its second crowd-funding
campaign on Indiegogo, after the first campaign was 2531% funded.  Although
subscribers will not receive their discounted earphones for months, the prospect
of owning earphones that fit is definitely appealing to many.
Most intriguing is that the Revols earphones are designed to be molded by the purchaser,
after inserting the earphones in the ear, the process of customization is initiated and
controlled by an app on your phone. The process is designed to be completed in 60
According to Revols the earphones will stay put. The accessories and color options place