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by Georgina Callan
The dishrack by Joseph Joseph has a spout to funnel water directly into the sink. The ribs
are flexible and help to hold the dishes in place.
French designer Pauline Deltour created this modern A Tempo dishrack for Alessi. Made
of stainless steel the dish rack is available with or without the tray, and will hold dishes
up to 12” diameter.  

Good designers excel in transforming ordinary household items into things of style and beauty,
things we admire and desire. Good designers focus not only on practicality but on reinvention,
on asking us to rethink how we use objects and style our lives.

With a dishwasher as a standard household item, the sight of hand-washed dishes drying on
a rack beside the sink is something of a rarity. Not least, perhaps, because drying racks are,
well, let’s say it, ordinary. More practical than stylish, with little visual changes for decades.

Dishwashers were also touted as being time-saving devices, easy to load and unload, but
as our values change and we focus on water conservation, on the economics of water
usage, perhaps it’s time to start washing the dishes by hand, especially if that includes
the acquisition of a great looking dish rack?
This industrial chic look dish dryer offers a functional swivel spout that drains water directly
into the sink. There’s also a bamboo knife block and removable wine glass holder that will
hold extra large wine glasses. The rack is made from stainless steel.  Made by
This dish rack is called Sod and it is made by Finell in Austin, Texas (Finell’s origami inspired
leather bags were featured in an earlier edition of Style on this site). Inspired by turf, Sod
is made with a powder-coated aluminum tray and silicone spikes in gray or green.

With the next kitchen you design or renovate, don’t forget to make space and include
one of these dish racks as part of the design aesthetic.