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by Georgina Callan
For animal lovers, perhaps if the family owns a Basset hound, take a look at Ugo, the
Basset hound bench also made by Riva 1920 of cedar wood.

Created by Pierre Paulin in 1960 the Orange Slice chair makes a great spot to curl up in a
read, or group together to encourage conversation. Available in a variety of colors.
Made by Artifort.

Start training the eyes of your children to be modernistas from an early age by buying stylish,
well-made furniture items that are destined to become legacy pieces, possibly passed down
from generation to generation.

This trunk on wheels is cut from a solid piece of cedar-wood and hand-finished. It is made by
Riva 1920, an Italian company we have featured before in this space with their unique pieces.
A chair that is more than a chair is the Drop Armchair by Leonardo Perugi for Cerruti
Baleri. There is a sofa version available for additional flexibility.
Other iconic pieces for children that are worth serious consideration might include the
Panton Junior chair by Victor Panton, made by Vitra.