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The cubes are made of matte
plastic and are light weight.  The
best part is that you may arrange
the cubes on the wall in the most
aesthetically pleasing manner of
your choice, however time makes
sense to you. The numbers are
available in black or white.

by Georgina Callan

Depending on when you read this, 2015 or 2016, time will have been on your mind recently.  
It seems that the year end is sometimes a frantic march to a magical hour when we can
brush under the rug all the things we didn’t care for in 2015, and start anew. But all we’re
doing is marking time, another year has passed, and we’ll be doing the same thing at
this time next year.

So who needs a clock these days? Watches are seldom seen because our phones tell us
the time, vintage watches, yes, but other watches, not so much. And clocks? Who needs
one when a quick glance at the phone will let you know if you are late or early or on time.

Is there a reason why clocks should be round, or square? The Random Clock looks like it is
all over the place, but as a design statement it works. Each cube measures 2.3” x 2.3” x
2.3” and there is a cube for each number, plus one for the quartz.

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The clock is made by Progetti, a 30 year old Italian company with a reputation for
focusing on the details of form and function to create unique home and office
objects.  Find the Progetti Random Clock at wayfair.com

For sleek minimal design, subtle dimension, a 3D look, and a hint of color, the
Prospettivo clock is made of painted wood, on a black or white background
with a red painted metal rods. Simple and sculptural, the clock was designed
by Riccardo Paolino and Matteo Fusi for Progetti.
If you only need a general idea of time, and are comfortable with vague directions and
gestures, the Walter Wayle clock by Philippe Starck, for Alessi, might suit you. It measures
9.75” x 9.75” and is 2” deep.
The Qlocktwo will cater to multi linguistic needs and allows you to read the time---in
words? If you are looking to polish up in French, Italian, German or one of sixteen other
languages, this clock is for you. It can be purchased in a choice of 7 different colors
(black ice tea, vanilla sugar, frozen blackberry, cherry cake, lime juice, blue candy
or dark chocolate) in an acrylic face or four colors in a stainless steel face (black pepper,
stainless steel, red pepper or white pepper).

Wall clocks as art? One trend in home décor features oversize clock features as wall art—
for the time-obsessed perhaps?