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by Georgina Callan
The ceramic base is in the same color and the diffusers are made of blown opal matte glass.
The structure rods and canopy are available in black, gold or copper electroplated steel
that is bent into shape. Two LED modules are placed at the bottom edge of the structure,
one facing up and one facing down.

When companies think about names to call their businesses, they find inspiration in different
places. A Spanish lighting company settled on the name Parachilna. Parachilna is a small
town in Australia, a country in which to qualify as a town you need four things, a phone box,
a letterbox, a cash machine or bank, and a pub.

Parachilna is one of the last towns encountered before entering the Australian desert north of
Adelaide, and for the founders of the company, Roman Riera and Alfredo Valero, the name
of the town and its location has significance because, as they see it, you don’t need much
to make a town especially a town that is a gateway to something larger and more beautiful,
like a desert where the stars shine brighter, and a desert that can be crossed which might
convey something of the challenges faced within the lighting industry.

In the firm’s online catalog there are several interesting light fixtures. One, by Spanish artist
designer, Jaime Hayon, is a chandelier suspension lamp in glossy lacquered white, black
or gold electroplated steel.
The vintage modern style of the ABALLS is perfectly suited to many interiors.
In 2015 Stephen Burks won a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for his
ANWAR series of table, floor and suspension lamps created for Parachilna.
The ANWAR series is also available as a table lamp and floor lamp, all three lamps shown