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at Front Gallery through September 8th.
by Todd Camplin

For a completely understated, quiet, subtle experience; you should make an
appointment to see Front Gallery's new show "Drawings and Air Conditioning."
Artworks by Michael Blair, Biff Bolen, Clarence Chun, Megan Harrison, and Erin
Hunt make for a nice grouping of works on paper. Artist run Front Gallery is the
perfect place to display these small, but impactful works.


on paper was like seeing another side to his personality. Blair has built up a kind of line drawn
scaffolding. These drawings seem to take on a serious face. When it comes to painting, Biff Bolen
seems to be a kindred spirit to Blair’s work, though Bolen's paintings tend to use more graphic
elements. However, in these drawings, Bolen is more loose with his brush strokes than his paintings.
Bolen has created sketches that could easily be incorporated into new paintings. To me, these
drawings have a clumsy charm, that conjures up the feelings of childhood. Clarence Chun
takes a highly polished graphic approach with reference illustrated designs with a hint of
comic book character action, then Chun blends it into an almost random event recorded
on paper. You can’t help but feel the motion and action lines spinning off the page.
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Erin Hunt
Installation View
musings into a larger work, but the drawings are also strong as stand alone studies. With
Erin’s washed out pictures, I am reminded of the painter Luc Tuymans. Erin uses less of a
defined edge, but both use white and a washed out look effectively. Megan Harrison
makes her drawings brick by brick intermingled with a hazy mist of grey clouds and
reflective water. The shift between solid, liquid, and gas is dramatic, and flows fluidly
through her composition.
legendary gallerist Margo Leavin claims she is closing her gallery because artists are gravitating
more towards these alternative spaces. Sounds to me like Front Gallery owner, Sharon is part
of a growing vanguard who provides artists a good space to take some risks. Find your way
over to the gallery on Saturday from 1 to 4 or make an appointment with her. This group
show will be up till September 8th.
Michael Blair