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Men’s Pacific Bicycle with hallmark red chain

There’s no doubt that Lorenzo Martone’s self-confessed love affair, more like a huge crush,
on his first bicycle when he was a child, led the entrepreneur to develop a line of
bicycles later in life that are as stylish as they are practical.  Each one has a hallmark
red chain and the bicycle’s good looks will ensure you need that padlock, unless the
bike is parked, an object of much admiration--as it should be-- in your hallway, living
room or kitchen.

Martone bicycles are made for men, women and unisex, if you can’t decide or don’t
want to commit. The color range will delight any design aficionado or fashionista with
choices in black, white, red, blue, gray and orange and purple.

La Jolla women’s bike.

But these bicycles are not just pretty urban rides or healthy, and let’s face it, fun,
alternatives to an evening stroll. The bikes are lightweight, around 24 lbs each, and
made of double wall aluminum. Each bike is equipped with a 2 gear automatic hub
that requires no shifting so there’s less work, and even less thought, and Martone claims
that because there are no cables or derailleur, minimal maintenance is required on
their bikes.

While all the women’s step through frame bikes have baskets, it’s possible to add a
basket along with other accessories, such as fenders, helmets, lights, water bottles, to
any bike. Helpful drawings on the website show you which size bicycle is best suited
based for your height. The fender is a minimalist design that will sit on the front or
back of the bike.

by Georgina Callan

A bicycle is not a strange site, propped up in the hallway of a New York apartment. It’s a mode of transport
in a densely populated city where the options for storage are limited.  The same is true of cities around the
world, London, Paris, Milan, in Europe and the East, South and Central America; the numbers of people
living with bicycles in the same space must be in the millions.

So it makes sense, then, to select a bicycle that is not only a great ride but looks good, more like a piece
of functioning sculpture than anything else.  

This holds true if, instead of a tightly packed urban environment, you live in a sprawling Texas city and
you like to bicycle for pleasure rather than necessity.

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