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Lumio Book Lamp is a great product and will only set you back $190.00. It provides light that
may be adjusted by opening and closing the “book”.  It’s lightweight, only 1.5 lbs, and
measures 6.5” wide x 8.5” high, just the size of a small book,  which means it’s great to take
on trips when reading sources are often less than optimal.

Providing more light than a 40W light bulb, with soft white Hi-output LED light, there’s a
rechargeable lithium battery included that gives 8 continuous hours of light. Lumio
maybe recharged with your computer or the accompanying micro USB charger.

Think of Lumio as more than just an unusual, and beautiful, light source that has the potential
to become an icon.  It has magnetic pegs which means the books may be attached to each
other or another metal object, and there’s a leather strap offering a way to hang the book.
Full instructions included with the well-designed product packaging.

by Georgina Callan

If you are addicted to Shark Tank (raise hand here), you may have seen the episode where all five
“sharks” wanted a piece of Max Gunawan’s lighting company, Lumio.  Shark Robert Herjavec
placed the winning bid, of $350,000 for 10 per cent of the company.  

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The interest generated in the product, a flexible, portable lamp with a huge “cool” factor, was
due not only to the looks and styling but the fact that the product, created by the San Francisco
company, had generated over IM in sales in the first year—without any advertising. That’s more
than enough revenue to initiate a feeding frenzy in the Shark Tank.
The wood body, which is available in