Galveston Arts Center (GAC) is located at 2127 Strand Street in the historic district
of downtown Galveston. The galleries and the ArtWorks Museum Store are open to
the public Tuesday through Saturday, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Sunday from
12:00 to 5:00 PM. Admission is free at all times.

GAC is the organizer of ArtWalk, which occurs every six weeks in downtown
Galveston.  The ArtWalk brochure, which lists participating venues, hours,
information and map can be downloaded at
William Cannings, Fuschia Tube with Fringe, 2013.
Steel, automotive paint, 20 x 20 x 8 inches.

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Galveston Arts Center (GAC)  presents two solo exhibitions opening  Saturday, March 4, 2017  from
6:00 to 9:00 PM  with  artist talks beginning at 6:30 PM . In the downstairs main gallery,  Either/And ,
a 10 -year survey of the abstract paintings of Houston-based  David Aylsworth travels to GAC from
the Art Museum of Southeast Texas (A MSET). In the upstairs 1878 and  Brown Foundation galleries,
Galveston: Spare Beauty  by  Steve Fisher  features photographs  highlighting the spare and understated
beauty of the  Texas Gulf Coast. In addition,  WAKE ,  a  DIY collective active in Galveston, Texas, will

present selections from their  monthly, Risograph- printed music and artszine in the upstairs Pop-Up
Gallery for the exhibition  In Our Wake: A  Collective's Collected Objects .  Houston artist  David Aylsworth
 is well-known within Texas art circles for his stunning  abstract  paintings celebrating his facility with the
brush, sophi sticated understanding of color, and  harmonious spatial relationships between form and
shape. He is inspired by images around  him, in both a mental and physical sense, and paints intersecting
lines and shapes with luscious  strokes, giving his works a sense of energy and movement.  Aylsworth ’ stitles
often reference  songs and show tunes, at times giving his highly abstract,  non-objective style, a sort of
verbal  and lyrical foundation. Born in Tiffin, Ohio, Aylsworth  graduated in 1989 with his BFA from Kent  State
University, Kent, Ohio, and was an artist in residence in the Core Program at the Glassell  School of Art,
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, from 1989- 91. Recent exhibitions include solo  shows at Inman Gallery (2016),
Morgan Lehman in New York (2014) and Holly Johnson Gallery  (2013). His paintings are found in numerous
private a nd permanent collections, including the Art  Mu seum of Southeast Texas, Dallas Museum of Art,
Museum of  Fine Arts, Houston and the Art  Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi. This exhibition  is organizes
by the Art Museum of  Southeast Texas and is accompanied by a full color catalog.

Growing up in the Houston-Galveston area of the Texas G ulf Coast,  Steve Fisher  learned to  appreciate
the spare, understated beauty of our coastal  landscape. Fisher ’ s images represent  his desire to highlight
to viewers the unique visual qu alities inherent to these humble but special  places.  Fisher is a fine art
photographer who specializes in lar ge format black and white images  of the Texas Gulf Coast. His
photographs of the Galvest on area have received local, regional,  and international recognition. A
Houston native, he  currently lives in Pearland, Texas. Fisher  received a Master's Degree from Texas Tech
University and  a PhD from the University of Texas  Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston and now also
teaches  at UTMB.

Pop-up Gallery, the Galveston-based collective  WAKE  presents selections from  Wake the Zine , a monthly
music and arts publication, and organizes DI Y music events in Galveston for the exhibition. WAKE is a group
of volunteers who are brought together by a  passion for DIY practices, live shows, zines, and local scene-
building. Unique to other booking  entities in Galveston, WAKE also promotes select local shows from other
organizers via a  monthly local calendar on the back cover, social media,  and other coverage. WAKE also  
explores off-line promotion via print media and an innovative text-alert for WAKE events. 300  copies of
each issue of Wake the Zine are distributed in  publicly accessible spaces, primarily  MOD Coffeehouse in
Galveston. PDF scans of the zine are also accessible online at .

David Aylsworth - The Sweet Honeydew of Wellbeing -
courtesy Inman Gallery