by J. Claiborne Bowdon

“Less is more”: this is the inheritance from our Bauhaus ancestors- those brilliant designers that
realigned our sense of what was possible and what we could and should expect from the
things we use in our daily lives. We’ll always have Barcelona and Wassily chairs (they’ve
had the look of “now” for almost a century and show no signs of stopping), but it’s that
idea and approach to living that truly inspires. Cutting out the excess can be a truly
thrilling experience.  As Spring is both a time to clean and reevaluate the things in your
life it is also a time for people to take on home improvement projects or to build a home,
whether they just happen to be at that stage in their life or they’re making a transition
to a new state, a new city. Dallas is experiencing an incredible period of growth that
will last for some years to come, and many are the middle of making these decisions
and moves within or to our fair city. It’s an exciting moment to live here, but it also
means that resources- from building materials to energy – will be in much higher
demand, and therefore cost more over time, so if you’re planning on remodeling a
room or an entire house you might want to consider a few options that will last and
reduce your costs over time.

Here a few simple, readily available options to think about:


Insulation in a home provides a barrier between the temperatures outside and the
temperatures you want to maintain inside. It makes your home more energy efficient
overall, but you can do it one better. Paper insulation is made from recycled
newspapers and cardboard, which both makes up for and gives new life to the
production of both, as well as cutting down on the production of traditional
insulation. Not to mention that with paper insulation you can save yourself the
exposure to chemicals that other insulation types put off. The fact that paper
insulation is also fire-retardant and insect resistant makes it all the more appealing.
There are several other options out there that will cut down on carbon footprints
and find new ways to reuse what has already been produced. If you’re trying to
make a new life for yourself why not do some research and see if you can’t make
a new life for something else with recycled or reclaimed materials, or just something
that may use less energy? It’s hardly settling for “less.” for additional info
and where to buy click


I have one myself, and I’m constantly impressed. It’s a little bit smaller than a phonebook,
and half the weight, yet in just a few seconds of turning on the tap the water comes
out steaming hot. I grew up with water heaters in the closet and could never count
on this kind of speed. Now, studies have concluded that while a tankless unit is 22%
more energy efficient they will only end up saving you $70 to $80 dollars a year.
However, the space they save is undeniable. Many new homebuyers find themselves
remodeling smaller, charming homes, and this is the easiest way to gain and
maximize space. It could make knocking down a wall a reality instead of a hope.
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There are a great number of positives in putting a metal roof on your home. It’ll last far
longer than traditional shingles for a start. They also have the advantage of being less
prone to fire issues, whether an accident should happen or you have a chimney. This
being Texas, there are really only two reasons that should peak your interest in installing
a metal roof: a metal roof is much less prone to damage from hail or falling limbs that
may come down during high winds, but most importantly it reflects heat away from
your home, which will reduce the temperature and cut down on heating costs.
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