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MA MODULAR: Modernizing the Modular Home
by Christina Gaona

"Ma refers to the Japanese concept meaning an interval in time and space,
a dramatic pause, the silence between phrases of music. In architecture,
it is a quiet, neutral space that enhances the whole of a design.
Ma is our design inspiration. A simple, elegant sanctuary. Ma is home."
Ma Modular, birthed from KRDB, a modern residential and commercial design/build
firm in Austin, Texas, offers homeowners something previously unimagined in the
modern home market. Using a careful and strategic design process in correlation
with the production benefits of manufacturing, Ma offers affordable modular
homes equipped with luxury, modern features, and sustainable design.
Ma Modular buildings provide versatile space that can function as a first or second
single family residence, home office, or studio. Multiple floor plans, both single and
two-story, are comprised of standardized units that require fewer moving parts and
offer maximum flexibility for interior and exterior connections. Ma Modular offers two
standard module sizes both 15 feet wide and either 36 feet or 60 feet long and a
variety of connector and stair modules unite the larger, main modules. Each of
these base module sizes accommodates three distinct single floor plans – a total
of 6 – that can be combined to create a unique single-family residence with
multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, either as a single-floor or two-story residence.
The floor plans for two of the three 36ft X 15ft units – called Dharma and Karma – each
feature a living room space, full kitchen, and bathroom making a perfect studio,
office, or rental unit. Karma also includes a covered outdoor deck area and each
of the two floor plan designs is fitted with 3 or 4 connections for additional modules.

Intima, the third 36ft X 15ft unit offers two spacious bedrooms with an entry deck
and with one sliding patio door. A Jack & Jill bath with a long vanity connects
the two bedrooms and includes a storage/ desk wall.
Grandma, one of three 60ft X 15ft units can easily function as a 900 square foot
stand-alone home or can be the foundational unit to which additional modules
are connected. It features one large bedroom with a large closet, centralized bathroom,
kitchen, and utility, as well as an open living area and an outdoor deck.

Maxima is a 60ft X 15ft open-use unit that can function as a large living room area
or studio to another bedroom module unit. It is equipped with a full kitchen,
bathroom, utility room, and large open deck.
Soma, the third 60ft X 15ft unit offers two bedrooms and bathrooms. One of the two
bedrooms is a master suite with a double walk-in closet and master bathroom. The
central space between bedrooms is intended as an outdoor space, a connector
or vestibule, or a landing space for stairs in a two-story plan.

The adaptability of the modules allows for multiple combined floor plan configurations.
Each Ma Modular home is equipped with several sustainable features such as special
R19 exterior wall insulation, R30 to R50 roof insulation, efficient low e-insulation windows,
metal roofs that are reflective and durable, and bamboo and cork finished floors and
fixtures that are sustainably harvested. Each Ma Modular home comes standard with
high ceilings, robust metal and wood siding, sliding glass patio doors, and solid surface
countertops. Several interior finishes for modern cabinetry and countertops are
available as well as for modern stainless steel appliances. Even the lighting
fixtures available in Ma Modular homes are modern design.
Ma Modular produces modern prefabricated homes that make owning a modern
home more accessible.  Individual square footage costs run between $125 and
$150 – more expensive than traditional manufactured homes, but less than other
modern modular homes on the market – and include soft costs like design costs,
engineering fees and utilities hookup. Also included are module costs like
foundation, framing, pluming, and insulated low e-windows as well as
allowances for interior finishes, fixtures, and appliances.
Each Ma Modular home has a factory-to-site time of approximately 180 days and
requires two weeks of finishing after arriving on site. Some green features like solar
arrays, tankless hot water heaters, and rain water harvesting systems are available
at additional cost. Not included in the base square footage cost is the actual
property and any decks, driveways, and landscaping on the property. There is
also an additional cost if the property is not already equipped with sewer, water,
or electric.
For more information on Ma Modular visit
their website at
or www.krdb.com

Photos taken from the Ma Modular
model home located in Austin, Texas.