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Bread bins, or boxes, usually rectangular in shape, are available in all kinds of materials,
and many offer dual functionality, such as a flat top surface upon which you are able to
store other objects—useful in a kitchen where space is tight. The bread “bin” created by
Pedersen and Lennard in South Africa, offers a hinged opening whereby the lid, or flap,
can up lifted up to hold a cookery book or tablet and an angle that’s ideal for reading
and reference. Made of birch plywood sealed with a water based product, the lid is
powder coated and available in eight color options.  

by Georgina Callan

There’s a word in almost every language for bread. Loaf, baguette, bagel, blini, matzo, naan,
pita, challah, pumpernickel and brioche to name only a few words that describe a basic
food staple that adorns the tables of those with the most and those with the least. The storage
of bread to prolong its useful life and to prevent mold is an important issue and, frankly, an
opportunity to add a stylish but purposeful object to any kitchen.

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Of course, bread tastes best when it comes right out of the oven. But given that it’s not