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by Georgina Callan

Modern pendant light fixtures, most often seen over kitchen counters and islands or dining tables, are
strategic design objects that enhance a space, not only due to the light they provide, but the style
and the shape of the fixtures contribute to the success of a room.  The crystal chandeliers of the past
offered a large, generally oval or round shape, a full-blown circle of twinkling lights. Modern pendant
fixtures are as much concerned with strategic shape as they are with the delivery of light, and the
focus of available light often requires that several pendant light fixtures are ganged closely together.  

For mid-century styling the Milo Susp down chandelier has a matte rubberized exterior finish in gray
or white, with a choice of interior colors such as orange or dark gold or champagne  Soft diffused light
inside the fixture is provided by an inner globe of either incandescent or fluorescent lamp. The
incandescent light is dimmable with an incandescent dimmer.  With 12’ of cord that may be cut
on site to suit the ceiling height and the room aesthetic, the Milo lamps are particularly successful
in a hallway or anywhere they might be hung at different, or the same, lengths.
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Light fixtures available from lightsfantastic.com

Ceiling height is important. A room with a low ceiling may appear to be even lower
with a heavy pendant fixture that blocks the eye and reduces the sense of space.
A 6” adjustable cable LED Robert Sonneman pendant light offered in bright satin
aluminum or satin black, may present a solution. lightsfantastic.com

For rooms where ceiling height is generous there are, of course, more options, both in
styling and materials.  The same manufacturer, Sonneman, will offer the Stix Suspension
Pendant light from March 2016.  There are a number of pendant lights and chandeliers
available that permit owners to move and adjust the lights according to their preference
and the Stix is one. It features square sticks of light that can be arranged in various
design compositions.  The Stix is made from metal with optical acrylic shades and it
has a choice of 3 or 6 arms, an adjustable 6’ cord and two finish options of bright
satin aluminum or satin black.

The fixture measures 40” in width, light is available as 3 LED lights comprising 42w or
6 LED lights comprising 84w.

Bowl pendant lights tend to be less formal and more decorative as the light is moved  
upwards towards the ceiling, washing the ceiling with warmth. Certain fixtures also
provide lighting from the bowl fixture itself. Justice Design Group offers an 18” bowl  
pendant light made of faux porcelain resin in the U-clips series. The Bowl
Pendant is available in dark bronze, matte black, brushed nickel and nickel,
and requires three  75W bulbs. Available at lightsfantastic.com
The Dutch brand, Moooi, offers a “starry sky” light, by technical designer Raimond Puts.
Fascinated as a small child playing with his Meccano toys, Puts became a mathematics
professor as well as a metal worker, building models from cheap materials, iron, mosquito
nets and paper, challenging himself further by creating geometric shapes. His lighting
fixtures incorporate LED technology, and offer the viewer maximum impact from minimal
The Raimond light is available in three different diameters, 16.9”, 24” and 35” and is often
seen grouped in residential and commercial applications for maximum “starry night”
impact. The electrical current is transported through the intricate spheres of the
Raimond light, joined at LED terminals, and the transparent lenses provide warm,
atmospheric light. There’s a floor lamp version of this lamp also, at
The 3 arm fixture is shown above in
two configurations. to the left,
the 6 arm fixture.