by Georgina Callan

There’s a question whether modern and New Orleans belong in the same sentence. In a unique city
well stocked with Italianate, Greek Revival and Victorian architecture, more curlicues than straight
lines, modern architecture has been sidelined. That’s changing, with the post-Katrina Make It Right
Foundation attracting local, national and international architects to design and create homes in
the devastated Ninth Ward, new public buildings being erected in a modern style, and with strong
interest in the preservation of residential architecture of the 1950s and 1960s that is mostly found in
the Lake Pontchartrain area, in Lake Vista and Lake Terrace.  If you’re interested in a tour of New
Orleans Regional Modernism check out this app:
So what do you do when you’ve seen all the wrought iron fences, ornate columns and double
galleried homes that seem to ache for the swish of a hooped skirt, and you need a “modern”
fix? Here are two distinct destinations that you’ll want to visit on Magazine Street, amongst
the visual and culinary entertainment of restaurants and bars, vintage clothing stores and
antique shops.

Modern Market is the 5 year old passion of Sherrie Hope.  “People asked me in the beginning,
‘are you out of your mind’?” she says, as the prevailing thought was that the appetite for
“modern” in New Orleans was limited, and certainly not a viable business proposition. Today,
stocking over 339 designer furnishing lines, including local modern designers along with a roster
of national names, Sherrie, her team, and her customers are delighted she took that huge
step 5 years ago. With a loyal customer base, Modern Market also supplies furniture for the
movies and TV shows that are frequently filmed in New Orleans—stick around and you’ll
run over a film crew somewhere in the city.
When you visit the store you will find a full range of furniture such as the Bend Goods wire
chair, which has been made from hot-dipped galvanized iron to prevent rust, and may
have a powder coat or metal plate finish (metal plate finish for indoor only).  Available in
Copper, Gold or White, the chair measures 28.” High, 16.5” deep and the seat height is
17.3”, seat depth, 11.5”.   The chair starts at $480.00 and offers vegan leather seat pads
and backs which are sold separately. At only 24 lbs it’s not heavy to ship but for instant
gratification, Modern Market offers interesting accessory items that will easily fit into an
overhead compartment on the flight home.
Just a few blocks away, Vic Loisel of Loisel Vintage Modern at 2855 Magazine Street, has
also provided modern pieces for many well-known movies shot in New Orleans. Given
the number of visitors to the city, it is not surprising that 50% of his business is from out of
state, Texas and New York, mostly. He carries Eames and Van de Rohe chairs, “easily
the most recognized pieces” for New Orleanians, he says.
Vic opened his store because he was “well
on his way to becoming a hoarder” of Mid
Century Modern furniture.  Stop in his store
and say hello, maybe he will still have these
interesting Lumetta pendant lights
available?  You will find plenty of Mid-
Century treasures at this location as well as
more items at

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