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Looks and function meld together in these architectural sculptures that serve as bathroom

Displaying mother nature at her finest, Stone Forest’s Zen vessel is both intricate and
beautifully simple. The vessel is carved from black or beige granite and the interior is
polished to reveal a deep shine. The contrast between the polished interior and the
chiseled sides is what gives this vessel its ‘wow’ factor. Zen is also available in multi-color
or white onyx and for those lighter colors, the vessel is completely polished. Either way,
Zen is another example of Stone Forest’s masterful way with natural materials.
Dimensions: 4.75h x 18w x 16d inches. available at:

Designed by internationally reputed Italian design house Pininfarina, the VENTO
collection from the Signature Series by Ronbow, emphasizes an elegant and innovative
sinktop design inspired by perfectly smooth snowdrifts carved by fast, strong winds.
Unmistakably, the designer’s mastery of Italian grace, sex appeal and flair are all
conveyed in the sinktop. Offered in white ceramic or matte white solid surface, these
smooth sinktops possess an integrated soap dish that almost appears as an island shelf,
extra levels of work space and an integrated flush-with-sink bottom drain cover for a
seamless design. available at:

Shaped by the expert hands of Falper’s craftsmen, each Wing Art sink is a seductive
sculpture, rising from the walls of the world’s most refined bathrooms. The designers’
imaginative concept is executed through Falper’s unique composite material, which
allows for ultra-thin yet durable structure. Realized in a flawlessly delicate manipulation
of form, the Wing Art sink from renowned Italian luxury designer, Falper, is a testament to
the limitless potential of the imagination when conventional principles of manufacturing
are questioned. available at: