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For the monochromatic lover in the your life, choose astronomy wrapping paper
comprising of 3 sheets of 4 different patterns, each sheet measuring 13 x 19”,

For the mid-century devotee, there is a set of 30 lb recycled kraft paper
comprising of 12 sheets, 2 sets of each design, and each sheet measures
13 x 19”. Cost for the set is $14.00.  This could almost be a gift in itself…
and would frame up for impromptu art!

FishLipsDesigns in Jacksonville, Florida, of the 70 plus designs we
identified the following that might satisfy a shopper with modern tastes.

by Georgina Callan

Part of the pleasure and mutual benefits derived from giving and receiving gifts is selecting the gift wrap.
There’s no doubt that gifts are more appreciated if thought went into the wrappings. For a modernista
the search for gift wrap, that may or may not be traditional in theme, is not always easy, but we’ve
located a few modern designs on the world’s favorite go-to spot for artisanal crafts—Etsy.

Norman’s Printery offers unique gift wrap that is handmade from recycled paper. From over 130 items
we selected the following:

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Organic Geometry comprises of 3 sheets, each 30 x 23.5” and costs $14.99
Bubbles gift wrap made from 100% recycled paper (50% post-consumer), the
paper is printed with non-toxic soy ink. 2 sheets each measuring 22 x 33.75”
costs $7.00 and is available in several color options.

If you were, or perhaps still remain, a fan of the 19080s, this paper is for you.

Recycled paper and printed with non-toxic soy inks, a set of two sheets
All these stores offer more (or less) traditional Christmas and Hanukkah holiday
wrappings, gift tags and other accessories for gift givers.