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by June Mattingly // regularmain.com
"Gerber," 2009, epoxy resin, hydrocal, 84 x 120 x 2 inches
Fleming lives and works in Houston. He received his BFA from the Milwaukee Institute
of Art and Design in 1995.
Barbara Davis Gallery
4411 Montrose
Houston. TX 77006

During an afternoon visiting galleries in Houston (a pleasurable professional pastime of
mine), I cooled off in the building at 4411 Montrose Blvd. within walking distance of the
museums, where Barbara Davis’ gallery is located. Other galleries not to miss include
Peel, Wade Wilson and Anya Tish. Barbara and I have known each other for quite
a while – in fact, I bought a James Surls from her once upon a time. It’s quite
deserving that Paul Fleming is associated with this great Texas sculptor.
In Fleming’s show last year at
Barbara’s titled “Sequences” as
is his trademark, his installations
occupied the space of a white
wall and some cases spilling
over up unto the ceiling.
As the installation in her office
that day exemplifies, the
delicate, color filled
components in these coolly
planned, decorated plain
surfaces offer a delightful
perspective on the way an
artist can alter a previous
unimaginative setting.

“Casting objects creates an
absence, a void, literally and
psychologically. What it ‘is’, is
lost. I fill this emptiness with an
industrial material – polyester
resin or epoxy-creating a
relationship between vessel
and what it carries.
The plaster becomes the cavity and the resin becomes the lens… Until now I have
used space conservatively in my installations, using the architecture of the space
while continuing to dig into the central issues of my art. Most of my sculptures have
hung on a wall like pictures. I have only begun to explore freestanding objects in
order to liberate my work from the wall’s constraints.”