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~ designed by Ora Ito
Storage is always
important and the
PEBBLE's  wall-hung
shelving units can be
added. Either individually
or in multiples depending
on the size and
storage requirements.
Focusing on user-friendliness, PEBBLE uses Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE, a low voltage electronic
opening feature and BLUMOTION, a soft close mechanism integrated into the drawer
runner of the vanity. The combination of this technology and the silent and effortless
opening and closing action of BLUMOTION shapes the ease of use for their customers.
SERVO-DRIVE technology with BLUMOTION soft-close drawer hardware enhances Ito’s
design even further. While the pebble-like curvature of the furniture pieces and hidden
drawers featuring touch-control access never required any concealed hardware or pulls,
Blum Inc.’s technology adds an almost magical touch to the experience of opening the
large curved drawer front electronically, elevating the user experience even further.
The PEBBLE vanity integrates an LED mirror and a solid surface sinktop for a simple, seamless look.
Matching wall cabinets complete the design.
Ronbow's new Signature Series features collections by some of the world’s leading design
professionals, including Phoenix Design, Kurz Kurz Design, Pininfarina, Ora Ito and Matteo
Thun & Antonio Rodriguez. Ronbow provides a variety of configurations, sizes and
materials to inspire a unique, personalized experience. For more information visit
The PEBBLE collection is defined by what Ora Ito refers to as “Simplexity,” the mix between
the simplicity of a form and the complexity of the function. The collection exemplifies a
philosophical concept and turns it into a practical application; making simpler what is
too complicated. Complex technology, innovative processes, and new materials are
combined within a balanced shell for the consumer.