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by Georgina Callan

Whether you regard these as necessities or items of unnecessary luxury, there’s no question that pot
fillers provide a wall space with both a decorative and practical purpose. Positioned on the wall at
the back of a stove or cook top, or, to one side of the range, pot fillers have articulated arms that
are moved to fill a pot full of water and then returned, folded back to the wall.
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The origins of pot fillers may be found in commercial kitchens where kitchen staff regularly
fill large containers of water. The pot filler is considered as a time saving device as well as
one that saves on back strain and potentially avoids accidents when lifting the large
pot of water from a sink to a stove top.

Pot fillers were used for the same purpose in grand homes, mansions and castles, where
the household kitchen had to run safely and efficiently if food was to be delivered to
the lords and ladies of the land waiting in the dining room upstairs.
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