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SieMatic's new URBAN collection for kitchens offers a one-of-a-kind feature inspired by
the farm-to-table trend in food prep:

A granite herb garden.

A small detail in the kitchen, this herb garden can deliver organic ingredients to cooks,
while reflecting their green values and core  attitudes about sustainability. It is a garden
that will not only provide fresh herbs daily, but promises to introduce the warmth of
nature into the room.
Part of the appeal of open living plans lies in bringing in more natural sunlight, and
with it, a connection to the outdoors. The philosophy behind it is to remove
boundaries between spaces, and between the outside and inside.

"The URBAN theme is for anyone who enjoys mixing different styles with a creatively
fresh perspective on flexibility and functionality," Henkes says.

"The collection was inspired by the eclectic lifestyles that comprise the city, whether
expressed in city environments through a contemporary loft, pre-war co-op,
brownstone, or penthouse or in a home in the suburbs or countryside."
view the collection at siematic.com.
The herb garden, which is available in all SieMatic StoneDesign countertop options,
as well as laminates for even more color options, is part of a theme of open design
in URBAN – a lifestyle-inspired collection that captures the essence of city living,
while celebrating nature and the outdoors. URBAN helps organic gardening
enthusiasts from cities, suburbs, and rural areas express themselves, inspiring them