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designed by Sébastien Léon & Valérie Pasquiou
Atelier d'Amis
for Jean De Merry

Inaugural Atelier d'Amis collection, was designed by French New Yorkers Sebastien Leon
and Valerie Pasquiou after observing the never-ending turmoil of New York City's streets,
constantly torn apart by constructions sites. "There is a certain beauty and unity in the
architectural skeleton of construction," observes Sebastien Leon " which offers a stacked
X-ray of structural elements, floor after floor." For Valerie Pasquiou, "concrete is the raw
material of New York by excellence, which I felt should be glorified by bringing it to the
world of fine furniture".

Concrete impasto applied by hand. Available in light & dark shades. Anti-stain treated.
Satin brass plates. Pipes & grid with matching matte or polished finish.

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designed by: Gabriel Dean Design

Gabriel Dean Anderson is a contemporary furniture designer, specializing in both one
of a kind stone work as well as detailed wood and metal inlayed pieces, which he is
masterful at marrying. His work is defined by precise lines, rich finishes, and
unconventional shapes which give the collection of furniture a spirit and
life of its own. Dimensions: w: 60" x d: 20" x h: 30"

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