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by Georgina Callan
If brushed stainless steel is your thing, the Seamo Magazine Rack, designed by Floz,
would look good on a counter in a kitchen with some cook books or cooking
magazines filed inside. It measures 15” high, 12.5” wide and it is 4.75” deep.
Made by Blomus, it’s the most expensive of our picks at $98.00.

The floor is not the natural habitat of the magazine rack. Many are good looking enough
to sit on a large shelf and occasionally server double duty to display objects, such as the
Pure Décor Magazine Holder by Fox Trading. At $72.00 it could be used to hold papers,
documents or ever a plant. The holder measures 12” high x 12” wide x 9” deep.
Edgy, no pun intended, is the best way to describe the steel magazine holder
from Born in Sweden. It’s available in black ($82.00) or green ($78.00) and while
it looks hard-edged, it is unquestionably practical as it may be used horizontal
or vertical on a desktop or floor. It measures 10.9” high x 4.2” wide and 15’7”
Floz Design has created the Spinta for Blomus, available in black, brown or tan.
The magazine rack has a stainless steel frame with a center divider and
measures 10.16” high x 12.44” wide x 6.14” deep and costs $85.00

There are four color options—red, black, stone and transparent, available in the
Milano storage solution from Koizel. Made of acrylic, the magazine rack costs
$57.00. It measures 12.4” high and 17.99” wide x 4.72” deep.
There’s always an option for a variation of a shopping bag. Use as a place to
store and display magazines or for any other “clutter catcher”, the Tasche
Extra Large shopping bag, made from recyclable plastic, measures 21”
high x 17” wide and 8.5” deep. Designed by Marie-Christine Hamel and
Alessandro Mendini it is affordable at $29.00 so buying more than one in
any of the four colors –black, mustard green, raspberry red or white, is
an option.
All these magazine racks are available on line from your favorite modern sources.

Three things we are certain about. Gifting season is never over—even if the gift is for yourself—
we deal everyday with clutter and, if you like design chances are you read and possibly
collect, magazines.

While it’s easy to say just ditch the clutter, the reality is we often want to keep magazines
and catalogs to read at a later date, and once the coffee table is full, it’s time to turn to
another option—and why not make that into a gift for you or someone else.

Here are 6 stylish magazine holders that cost under $100.00 each. Most will hold 8
magazines which means that the magazine stash may have to be edited.