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Brass is making a big comeback in design terms. It has long been given the cold shoulder
in favor of stainless steel, and particularly brushed nickel, but there it is now the material
of choice for many designers, in lighting, bathroom and kitchen fixtures. These matte
brass salad servers, measuring 11” long, are available at the Danish Design Store.

For the modernist these salad
servers were designed by Arne
Jacobsen, influential architect
and industrial designer in 1957.
They are made of matte
stainless steel and are 11” long.

Available at  

by Georgina Callan

We’re entering the “eating” season. We went to the gym all year just to get through the next two
months, right? It’s time to dust off the dishes and polish all the shiny stuff as we share our recipes,
platters and homes with each other. Salads, these days, are no longer a summer only food,
making appearances on even the most carbohydrate heavy tables. And every good salad
deserves to be served with style and visual interest.

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left - For remembrances of those hippy-dippy days, look at these psychedelic inspired salad
servers from French Bull. They are made from melamine and measure 13” long.

right - Or these flower power pieces  frenchbull.com
Perhaps you favor the tradition of wooden salad bowls but are looking for unusual,
minimalist salad servers? At Facture Goods, you’ll find a range of items, particularly
these one of a kind 4” salad servers sealed with oil and beeswax.  When you order,
choose from white oak, black walnut or cedar wood.

It’s difficult to combine curves with the straight clean lines of modern style but there’s a great