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by Georgina Callan
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It is for this reason that many people opt for ceiling mounted track where the hardware
is concealed, but for this type of track the drapery will need to be constructed
specifically for the window so the track width and type, and the draperies
will be custom.
Let’s say you lucky enough to have found draperies on line, you will still need to
factor in drapery hardware and we’re guessing here that you want the drapery

(photo: Leslie Fine Interiors via Pinterest)
Shades offer great solutions for windows. You will forgo the soft folds of fabric that add
texture and depth to a room, and will trade these features for the functionality of tight,
fitted shades that are adjustable up and down or side to side and a mannered,
tailored style. There are multiple versions available and customization is a normal
part of the process.
It is challenging to find window coverings for modern homes because due to the size and
In the last decade window coverings manufacturers have listened to their customers,
often architects and interior designers, who seek both form and function in providing
draperies and shades for their clients. The window coverings area covers many
specialists, not only the people who take accurate measurements of the windows,
but installers who may need ladders and scaffolding to reach over 20’ for large rooms
and windows.  There are thousands of fabrics and window covering related products
available, some with “blackout” elements and linings to block light from the room, or
partially block light from the room, so it’s best to plan to do plenty of research on this
subject and start saving. Chances are you won’t regret the expense.